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Yin Yang

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Yin Yang

It is kind of crazy to think that when I first met these cats I did not think they were particularly cute. They were just pretty normal cats to me. Nothing wrong with normal cats mind you, but the woman who was fostering them had several other cats that I thought were a lot cuter. We ended up picking Bonji and Mog though mostly because they seemed like the easiest to take care of. The other cats seemed to be either a bit more standoffish or had health issues which I thought would be difficult to manage.

However after actually adopting them and spending a bit of time with them that has quickly changed. These cats are crazy but also just so cute. I didn’t expect my opinion there to change as much as it did. Bonji is chubby, noisy, and really cute when he walks around. Mog usually looks angry or sleepy so most of the time he isn’t that cute but after he has eaten and is a bit active he too can be quite cute.

These cats are incredibly entertaining and also exhausting but they bring a ton of joy. Perhaps one day I can rebuild this site to better showcase the two of them.