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New iPhone

Life, Technology1 min read

I got a new iPhone 12 Mini in Red!

This phone is quite nice. Going from the iPhone 6 to this was nice because it isn't nearly as wide but it is definitely noticeably wider than the iPhone SE.

Even though this isn't the small iPhone I was hoping for it is definitely the smallest modern phone currently being sold and it is quite nice. I have been having a lot of fun with the camera recently.


I really enjoy the studio portrait photo modes. It is creates this kind of surreal effect but I can see myself having fun taking selfies with this.


This was a random box of apples I saw. It is kind of crazy seeing how good cameras on phones are. The face tracking is also a lot of fun.


Here is a photo of Manhattan taken from Astoria Park at night. It is pretty crazy how bright things look. The phone seems to do some kind of long exposure shot but I am not quite sure how it works.

I need to figure out how to render images on this blog better. Also need to figure out how to render videos...