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Bonji is dreaming

Cats, Bonji1 min read

Bonji is dreaming

Last night Bonji was sleeping with his mouth open and was making weird noises.

I have been playing around with shortcuts and an old Mac mini to see if I can set up some simple automation to enable me to write blog posts from my phone. I mostly want this blog to just share photos of my cats so being able to write and publish from my phone would be the most convenient.

I think I have things mostly working. I have a few shortcuts

  1. To pick a photo and prepare a new blog entry in my sites folder
  2. To generate a prod build and upload the site to s3
  3. To start up a gatsby dev server so I can see the post before publishing.

I have set up 1 and 2 and will now work on 3. All of this is limited to writing on my phone while at home. If I can expose my Mac mini to the external internet then I should be able to do this from anywhere. That might prove complicated though