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Travel, Sri Lanka1 min read


This tower was an insane attraction. A former prime minister, I think, of the country built this tourist attraction in his home town. It's a small tower on the top of a hill that you can walk up. The crazy thing though is you sort of walk up around the outside edge of this tower and as you get further up it gets narrower and narrower so at times you can't actually pass people on the path. To get around this they dug out small alcoves in the tower so if a group bumps into someone you can huddle into these alcoves to let one party pass.

It was the kind of attraction I doubt could exist anywhere in North America. It seemed quite unsafe haha. The wind was strong and the views were incredible. Kana did not enjoy it because she isn't a fan of heights. Ahilan I think also found it stressful.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole thing seemed kind of insane.

That trip to Sri Lanka was a lot of fun. It was nice just sitting around with my family doing nothing. It was a very leisurely trip which I hope to do more of in the years to come